Monday, February 6, 2012

Random shack photo number 1 - Motorola GM360

This is my main 70cms (433Mhz) rig in the shack. It is a Motorola GM360 giving 25 watts. I have it connected to my Watson W300 antenna into a duplexer which is shared with the Alinco DR-135 for 2 metres (145Mhz). This is the remote head of the radio - the main body can be kept at some distance thanks to the long connection lead. The functions of the radio are fairly basic but it has good receive and I can get out quite well from my QTH in Drogheda which is located on a high part of the town which is good for VHF/UHF activity. This is the first in a series of photos which I plan called "Random Shack Photo". I hope you enjoy.

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