Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Two brand new DXCC today - Somalia and Rodriguez Island

This photo was taken immediately after I worked 3B9/OE4AAC on 17m CW showing the split.
A ham friend of mine remarked to me, just yesterday, in an email, "You should start trying for Somalia 6O3A . . . I bet you will work him". Well, the opportunity to try working Somalia presented itself today, so I gave it a bash. After a good time trying, on 17m CW, I finally heard that magic code coming through the headphones . . . "EI2KC 5NN". Well I was completely overjoyed. Somalia is the 40th most wanted DXCC (out of a total of 343) and because of the terrible situation in that country it is very difficult to activate. I watched a TV programme about Somalian pirates one time. The whole country is one big mess. It's devastated. Hardly anyone has running water or electricity. But that didn't deter Darko J28AA from going there and activating this rare one. And I, for one, am so glad he did.

This evening, I saw 3B9/OE4AAC spotted on 17m CW. I had been trying him on 30m CW this morning without success. But this time he was on 17m, so I swung the MA5B minibeam towards him and could hear him. I figured out that he was listening roughly 1-2 KCs up, so I worked hard to keep up with where he was listening. After about 10 minutes I heard him working a station on 18.079.2 so I called him there and out of the noise I could hear "2KC 5NN" so I gave my call again, "R R DE EI2KC 5NN 5NN TU" and he came back "EI2KC 5NN TU". Yeesss!!!! Two brand new DXCC in one day. Not bad at all.


  1. Congrats Tony! When I SWL EI2KC on 17m for 6O3A I was thing you forgot to press SPLIT or something. He reply you call few times. He was very strong that moment in my location. But I had to battle much longer to log 6O3A on 17m.

  2. I remember it! I had changed band and came back to 17m and forgot to put on split. Someone called me an idiot and said "up" and as soon as I pressed the split he worked me !!!!!!!! lol

    Congrats on getting him anyhow, it was a tough battle. I knew you'd be in there Ark, you always are!


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