Monday, February 11, 2013

Rotuma Island on 20m CW with 100 watts!

I've just worked 3D2RO in Rotuma, South Pacific, on 20 metres CW. I was surprised to be able to work him after just three calls using 100 watts, while waiting for the linear amplifier to warm up.

I didn't expect to get him so quickly, but could hear that he was working Gs and GMs and generally west and northwestern Europe. I only had Rotuma (3D2-R) on 17m CW, so it's a rare one here.

The operator is N7OU, Bill Vanderheide, who is active until February 21st on that island with W7YAQ (3D2RX).


  1. Good morning Anthony, great work on getting through and you gotta love the magic of radio!!

    1. Morning Mike!

      Yes, sometimes it works out just nicely! Other times, of course, one has to wade through the pile-ups . . . :D


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