Monday, February 25, 2013

Some serious QRM on 10 metres in Slovenia

S57S Aleksander demonstrates some pretty awful QRM on the 28 Mhz (10 metre) band on his Kenwood TS-850SAT. The source appears to be to his east, and he says it is occurring daily. The signal strength of the QRM is sometimes 50dB over s9. Serious stuff...


  1. As it oftenly happens, I started to write a reply here and I ended up making a blog post because I wrote too much.

    1. Razvan, it really is a terrible situation to hear such incredibly loud QRM on the bands. Your video selection is very interesting too. Hopefully something will be done to alleviate this situation sooner rather than later. Ironically, at the moment there is no propagation on 10 metres .....

  2. They have to program the radars to avoid the ham radio bands, they probably already avoid the commercial broadcast segments anyway, as well as air/marine/safety frequencies. Seeing how Iran is under a constant military threat and given the fact they are on the most wanted entities list, I don't expect them to care too much about interference in ham radio bands.


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