Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A few nice contacts on RTTY

KH2L's SteppIR antenna
For some reason I took a yearning to RTTY last night. I suppose I was a bit bored with all the CW and SSB contacts. I saw KH2L (Guam) spotted on 20m RTTY so decided to see if I could hear him. As soon as I arrived on the frequency I could see that he had a good print on the waterfall. He was working simplex, with a few callers. I gave him a shout, and he came straight back to me. Within moments, I was in the log, and I had a new band slot. I decided to hang around RTTY and see what was on offer.

A short time later I worked W1AW/7, one of the ARRL Centenary stations, operating from Arizona. That was 12m RTTY and I worked him with 30 watts. Then it was over to VY0/VE3VID on 20m RTTY, IOTA NA-174. He was calling "up" but for some reason was also working simplex and that's where I worked him. Before finishing on RTTY I also worked W1AW/8 on 20m RTTY.

Of course I could not resist changing to CW to chase 4S7LXG on 40 metres, where I needed Sri Lanka as a new country. It took me a while. He was very low and working a lot of EU. But it was worth persisting. This miniature dxpedition by a group of German operators is fantastic. They are excellent operators and have given me a number of new bands and slots. I now have 4S from 40m through 10m. Is an 80m QSO out of the question?

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