Saturday, March 22, 2014

VU4K Andaman Islands makes it DXCC #305 in the log!

I've been laid up with a bit of a flu this past couple of days so radio activity has been limited. However, I am delighted to report that VU4K Andaman and Nicobar Islands is in my log, having been worked on both 12 metres SSB and also 15 metres SSB. That topped off a terrific day in which I also worked the TX6G dxpedition on three bands - 10m, 12m and 15m, all CW - and also on which I worked EP3HF in Iran on 10 metres using my trusty Antron 99 antenna, and ZL7AAA Chatham Islands on 20 SSB. Here is a video I shot immediately after working the VU4K on 12 metres:

As you can see, he had a decent signal on my hexbeam. I was delighted to work him. VU4 is 40th on the Clublog Most Wanted DXCC list, and although it was activated a couple of years ago I missed out at that time.

I've also managed to work the TX6G dxpedition to Australs on no fewer than six bands now, all CW. I only had two slots with this DXCC before now, and now only need it on 80m (and of course 160m). FO/A is 62nd on the most wanted list. I nabbed them on 20m CW this morning and you can see how strong they were in the video below, which was shot immediately after my QSO with them:

One other contact that I was really happy with was with EP3HF in Iran. Iran is even more rare than Andaman Islands, at 36th in the most wanted list. He was calling CQ on ten metres SSB but had half of Europe calling him. 

I didn't think I had much chance. I tried for a while on the hexbeam with no joy. Then I decided to switch over to the Antron 99 and try and, much to my joy and astonishment, I was in his log after just a couple of calls! What a great joy.

This morning I nabbed ZL7AAA on 20 metres SSB for only my second QSO with this DXCC, having nabbed it the other day as country #304 in my log.

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