Thursday, March 20, 2014

TX6G Austral Islands on 40m and 30m within 20 minutes!

I worked the British dxpedition to Austral Islands this morning on 40m CW and then 30m CW. 40m is a new band for me and I was delighted to hear them with such strong signals, and it was great to work them so easily, especially as they have only just begun their expedition. Here is a video I made just after working them. Excuse the voice - I am stuffed with a bad cold.

I also nabbed VP2V/SP9WZS on 10m CW and P29NO on 10 CW, both new countries on that band for me. That prompted me to look at my stats, and I'm surprised and delighted to see the progress I am making on HF.

All bands/mode: Worked 304 Confirmed 284
CW: Worked 296 Confirmed 264
Phone: Worked 267 Confirmed 222
160m: Worked 71 Confirmed 54
80m: Worked 141 Confirmed 115
40m: Worked 206 Confirmed 157
30m: Worked 219 Confirmed 168
20m: Worked 277 Confirmed 226
17m: Worked 273 Confirmed 210
15m: Worked 265 Confirmed 196
12m: Worked 248 Confirmed 181
10m: Worked 235 Confirmed 177

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