Saturday, August 29, 2009

Half way there - so let's keep going

Countdown Timer: 5 weeks 3 days to go

I decided to do the test with 11 weeks to go, so I'm now at the halfway point. It feels good to have done so much work, but there is much still to be done. For all those out there intending to sit the exam, remember you have plenty of time to go. So no panic, just yet!

Those of you who haven't seen the new IRTS Sample Paper should give it a go (and remember, don't cheat - no Googling!)

Some things that I must cover in the next few days would include semiconductors, transistors and the section on Electromagnetic Compatibility, the last of which accounts for three questions in Section C. Remember, that's the one with just 10 questions and you need to get 6 of them right.

So I'll do my best to cover off some of those topics in the days ahead.

Congratulations to Michael from Kilkenny who tried the new sample paper and passed. Well done Michael. I look forward to meeting you in the Comreg offices!

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