Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Nine weeks to go - and more study needed

Countdown: 9 weeks 0 days to go

I just heard on the IRTS news through the Dundalk Repeater yesterday evening (145.675) that 30 people took the Irish ham test in June and 16 passed. That's just a midget's whisker over 50%. Congratulations to all who passed and good luck to those who failed who are re-sitting the test in October.

I haven't done any study for a few days what with one thing and another. The plan is to go to Brian's house Wednesday evening for some study on capacitance and inductance. Tony had the flu last week so we never started on electronics, but not to worry. We'll catch up on it when he's feeling better.

Must get the head into the books again . . .

Also, need to send in the 50 euro fee for the exam. First come, first served and all that!

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