Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The official document from IRTS - Anthony Murphy EI1597

Here it is, the official letter from Sean Donelan EI4GK welcoming me to the Irish Radio Transmitters Society and bestowing upon me my new SWL (Short Wave Listener) Identification Number EI1597. At long last, the world can know I listen to HF radio!!

I can't remember the exact year I first listened to HF, but if you consider I worked 11 metres (27 Mhz) in my late teens and I'm now 35, I suppose that would make it 17 or 18 years. It's about time I joined a society really, isn't it? . . .

Anyhow, time is pressing on. I'm exhausted with everything that's going on (including a leak in the back room of my house, which is my radio/computer shack) but I must do some study. Even a little bit tonight. I'm going to try transmitters. Brian EI7GVB had told me to do receivers and transmitters before our next hook-up, which is tomorrow. I've covered receivers pretty well, but not transmitters. I'll get a small bit done now but I'm going to be busy tomorrow and Thursday so we'll see how things go.

Right, I printed out the module from the IRTS disk about transmitters, so I'll go and have a read and post any salient information here in my next deliberation . . .

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