Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The task ahead - six subject headings to learn

Countdown Timer: 8 weeks 0 days to go

Right, I'm just back from Brian EI7GVB's house and he's set me a stern task for the next couple of weeks to help me through the first 12 questions of Section A. Here are the subjects I have to learn about, and the associated formulae:

Capacitive Reactance
Inductive Reactance

Who ever said this was going to be easy?

To help me in this task, Brian has suggested I answer as many questions as possible in a book which I have borrowed from the Dundalk Amateur Radio Society. This book is called The Radio Amateurs' Question & Answer Reference Manual by R.E.G. Petri, published in 1984. Link

I'll give it a go. Lots to do, lots to learn. Lots of study required.

On a lighter note, we worked for about 45 minutes on 40 metres and got 20 nice contacts into Europe.

Lots of study ahead . . .

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