Wednesday, May 19, 2010

At long last - my first contacts on 6 metres!!

Following a tip-off from EI2JD Thos that 6m was opening I went to the car at lunchtime and, sure enough, could quickly hear that there was some activity. I only had half an hour (lunch break from work!) so I kept to CW because it was easier to hear. My very first contact was SQ1DWR on 50.091.5 in JO73GK. It was great to get him into the log. Thanks for my first ever 6m QSO!!

At 13:33 local time I nabbed DL1LQR in JO61MG. I was calling as EI2KC/P in IO64TA.

I got some nice contacts into Sweden - SM7CFR (JO76DX), SM7GVF (JO77GA), SM6DVG (JO66GV) and SM5CEU (JO78QF), who kept giving me "FB FB" and we were both 599!

My last contact was OM5MZ at 14:06 local time on 50.093.5 with 559 reports each way. That made it four countries in total on my first session on 50Mhz!! Unfortunately due to work I had to leave the car even though the band was still open. However, I am hoping to purchase a Yaesu FT-897 for the shack in the coming days which will give me 100w out on 6m on the dipole so I will have 6 metres at home and portable/mobile.

Hope to meet you on the bands! 73 de EI2KC.

PS: The map shows how busy 6m was just before I headed over to the car. Thanks to which is a great website.

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