Thursday, May 13, 2010

Some Echo Indias working Europe on six metres

There have been a number of EIs working into Europe this afternoon on 6m, which encourages me to give a shout out on 50.150 USB on the way home from work. I checked the band at lunchtime from the car (Icom 706MkII, 20w, Watson multi-band whip on magmount) and could not hear anything although I did work into LA and SM on 10m CW and into OZ on 12m SSB. The EI0SIX beacon in Kildare has been heard a number of times, most often in Germany.

The map (from VHFDX) shows where the concentration of activity is on the band, with a lot of Germany, Poland, Slovakia etc on the east working into France, the UK and Ireland on the west.

Will today be the day I get my first QSO on 6 metres?

Stay tuned . . . . .


  1. Hi Tony, heard my first 'dx' on 6m today and worked 2 stations....both within 5 miles of me though !

    I saw a similar map on dxsherlock earlier, very exciting.

    73 Paul.

  2. Hi Tony,

    Just after reading your blog I popped onto 6 myself and heard quite a few Europeans, managed to work into SP land. So thanks for the heads up!

    73 Kevin

  3. I heard quite a bit on 6m when I was going home in the car - I was hoping to work some when I got home but unfortunately the band had closed by the time I got there, so I didn't get my first QSO out of Ireland on 6m just yet! However, there is some hope that the band will begin to open more regularly here. Will keep a close eye on the cluster tomorrow. Congrats Kevin - delighted that my prompt got you some contacts!!

    73 Anthony


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