Friday, May 7, 2010

One sick Yaesu FT-1000MP . . .

I have a sick FT-1000MP. Last night there was suddenly no TX or RX on 160m or 80m in either SSB or CW. All the other bands were fine. Then I was listening to Argentina on 40m and suddenly that band disappeared too. The receive just dropped away and I had no TX either. I turned on the rig first thing this morning and everything was fine. I had TX and RX on 160m and 80m and 40m. But after about only three minutes, 160m and 80m were gone again.

If anyone can help me diagnose what's wrong with the radio, I'd be greatly appreciative.

UPDATE: I can hear 40m on Sub VFO-B but cannot TX on it. Same with 80m. Same with 160m. However, I can only RX on these bands when I have the same band selected on BOTH VFO A and VFO B!! If I select, for instance, 40m on VFO A and 80m on VFO B, nothing. But if I select 40m and 40m on A and B I can hear audio no problem. Hmmmm . . .


  1. Try here..

  2. Also here

    Hope you get sorted.

  3. I have an Icom!! A 706MkII in the car! But no tuner for it.

    Trying to figure things out here. I am getting out on 30m-10m but nothing below that. No RX either. Did a master reset but that hasn't cured it.


  5. It sounds as if some of the relays in the internal antenna tuning unit have become high-resistance.
    The sure-fire way to DISPROVE this is to uncover the radio and connect the IATU input coax center conductor to the IATU output coax. This will completely bypass the tuner relays.

  6. you have solved? also for me this problem

  7. you have solved? also with my Yaesu FT 1000 MP this problem!
    Help me!!


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