Sunday, November 1, 2009

A few interesting contacts today

Today being Sunday, I got some opportunities to work the HF bands. I worked mostly on 20 metres and a bit on 17 metres where there were a few openings. There were one or two spots on 15 metres as well but I failed to work any.

I worked my first Stateside contact - W4CCS - at quarter past midday. Thanks indeed. And it has been confirmed on eQSL which I got set up with today.

I also worked my first female contact today. HB9EGR Regy worked me on 20m with a dipole and 100watts. A modest station, like my own. Thanks Regy!

I got two special callsigns in the past 24 hours. Last night I got DL60CHILD, celebrating 60 years of the Children's Villages charity, on 40m. Today I got SP80WAC, which is not listed on

All my 20 metre contacts were worked on an Antron 99 with 100 watts.


  1. Hi Anthony. Our sked didn't work out unfortenatly. I did hear you 3/1 in QSB on 40. Did follow your ustream throughout the day, and tried a few times to hear you on my own radio. But on 20 and 17 it's nearly impossible. I did hear you a few times later in the evening when you were on 40. I also work with a A99 but since the wire inside is broken I wrapped it with Alu tape and connected it with a autotuner. Works fine on all bands for DX. But EU contacts are most difficult. Too nearby...However I am trying to build a loop skywire antenna for 2 national contests on 80m this month. As soon as it is ready we could try to make a sked again?
    I followed you for a while on 15m. It seems we had almost same propagation made some nice contacts.

  2. Great! Wonderful to hear that you were able to hear me and watch the station live on the web at the same time! Yes, if I am at the station just send me an email and we will try to work a sked on 40. I have a limited setup for 40m at the moment. I cannot work more than 50w before midnight because of TVI, and I only use a half-size G5RV. But we should be able to work each other.


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