Friday, November 6, 2009

Stations worked over the past two days

Got some interesting contacts on various bands over the past 48 hours:

SQ3LVO 40m Poland
EI9CJ 2m Tom, Dundalk
ES1/OZ5IPA 20m Special Call - International Police Assoc. excursion to Estonia
EW8A 20m Belarus
I2OHO 20m Italy
IZ1JLG 20m Italy
YU1DW 20m Serbia
9A430KA 20m Croatia
EA2CNW 20m (2nd female operator worked!) Spain
EA6UN 17m Spain
YT1BB 20m Serbia
VO1DGP 20m Newfoundland - first QSO
EI2IN 2m Brendan, Julianstown, Ireland
YO4RIU 40m Bogdan in Romania
YU1XA 40m Serbia
HA8JV 40m Hungary
I5ZSS 40m Italy

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