Saturday, November 7, 2009

Stations worked today, 7th November 2009

W1FDY - testing my newly-raised half-size G5RV 59 into Virginia
CU2DX - Azores - and I beat the pile-up on 17m!!
5B4AIF - Norman in Cyprus, thanks for 59!
IW5ELR - 59 each way
YU1DW - Ukraine contest 003
UZ0U - 004 59 59
YT6M - 59 59 005
LZ1ZF - 59 59 006
IZ8GNR - 59 59 007
EA7IBK - 59 59 008
YT1BB - 59 59 009
UY4WWA - 59 59 LV 010
YO5AM - 59 59 011
YT0W - 59 59 012
EA6/DJ5GI - Heinz in lovely Majorca, where it is 21 degrees! Thanks.
UR9QQ - 40m - 59 59 ZP 013
UA9CLB - 40m 59 59 014


  1. Hi Anthony... I heard Jack, W1FDY mention your call on Saturday... I was behind the big long callsign EI185RNLI at the time. QRM meant that I couldn't hold it with the DX net... good to hear you on the air, even if we didn't have a QSO.
    all the best

  2. Gerry, yes indeed I heard the EI185RNLI call being repeated but couldn't hear your side. Nice to hear the special call on the bands. I wonder will it be on again so that I might work it?

    Jack asked me if I wanted to be included in the net but I was waiting for ages and didn't hear my callsign and then he faded in QSB.

    I was glad to get Stateside with my modest setup. I work 20m on either an Antron 99 or a half-size G5RV!!

    I hope we get a chance to work on the bands soon.

    73 for now
    EI8GHB Anthony.

  3. Two of the lads from the group are in Aran, on Inismor, today, and will be on the air, most likely 20 & 40, until about 2pm. The call will be EJ185RNLI, as it's on the Aran Islands.
    They (we) will also be QRV from Clifden on the last weekend of the month. We're skipping next weekend since we'll all be at the Mayo rally.
    Good on you making it into the States with the 1/2 G5RV... that's quite the achievement, given the state of the solar flux atm.
    Might see you at the Mayo rally, if you're coming down for it.
    best regards


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