Thursday, November 12, 2009

Just worked Senegal on 40m - YES !!!!!

I just worked Senegal on 40m. 6V7S had been spotted lots of times on the cluster and was working split for a while but then went simplex. I decided to finally try him and he came back straight away!!

He gave me 59 and I gave him 59. I worked him on 7.155.5 USB on 40 metres. I was putting out 100 watts only.

A nice first for me. An unusual one.


  1. Congratulations! A very nice one on 40m.
    73 Bas PE4BAS

  2. Nice contact,(I am not too jealous!!!!)..
    Good stuff.
    Nice to be able to work you from Leitrim Village in County Leitrim VIA EchoLink.
    Makes it easy to keep in touch when I am away from shack!!
    I am using CQ100 as well to have sone QSO,s.
    Catch you over the weekend.

    73's De EI4DIB,, -.-


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