Wednesday, January 6, 2010

AG eQSL from Oman makes it 32 countries so far!!

Just like there are 32 counties in Ireland, there are 32 countries worked in my eQSL AG log. I have this evening received an eQSL card from A41OO, in Oman, my very first contact of 2010! Thank you Khalid and Happy New Year!

For those unacquainted with eQSL, it is an electronic way of exchanging contact cards, known as QSLs. I have received eQSL cards from 32 countries AG. This means "Authenticity Guaranteed" - ie that the person who is sending the card has shown that they are a licenced operator by sending their licence to eQSL. Those who have not done this are not authenticity guaranteed and therefore any eQSLs they send cannot be used towards any paper awards.

I'm thrilled to get Oman and also very happy to have worked 32 countries so far in less than two and a half months on the air!

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