Sunday, January 3, 2010

Late opening on 20m to the States

It's 18:45 and there's a late couple of openings to the States on 20m. I'm hearing KA1IOR, a lighthouse society station, on 14.220 USB and there's a QSO Stateside on 14.239 USB. I will keep you posted if I work anyone.

18:49: Just worked the KA1IOR station, Geoff in Massachussets. He was booming in at 59 and he gave me 59 also. Thanks Geoff. You've just made my day!!

18:52: Right now there's a station in New York (W2RE) with a FT-1000MP hitting plus ten over nine. He said there were about 8 inches of snow today 100k north of New York city. He's on 14.175 USB. There's another weaker Stateside QSO on 14.165.

19:03: W2RE is working EI9HX Patrick in Roscommon. Fair Play Patrick!

19:40: Update. Band is closed. W2RE was working a few Europe stations and chatting away but faded and faded and faded and now I can't hear him. There's nothing on the band now.

January 4th update: The image you see above is an eQSL I received last night from Geoff. Now that's quick! Thanks Geoff and thanks for the nice contact. 73.

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