Tuesday, January 19, 2010

My very first CW (morse) contacts on the bands

Last night I made history for myself by making my very first contacts using Morse Code (CW). I have a very nice old morse key borrowed from Pat (EI2HX) which I will be using in my morse test which I am planning to do in February at the Coolmine rally.

I recorded the event for posterity on video, which you can see in the UStream player at the bottom of this blog. I had a sugar papa (Poland) station calling me but I don't think we finished the contact properly so the first official contact was SQ7MRV who, I have to say, was very patient with me. I was slow, so he slowed down to try and match me, but with QSB I found it difficult at times. However, we exchanged reports and he even got my name after a couple of attempts at sending it, so thanks for being my first CW contact!!

I also got a Stateside contact on 40m. He was K3JLM. I had three contacts into Ukraine, one into Serbia and one into Slovenia. Thanks all for working me. I hope to be more active now on CW and try to work some exotic ones!!

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  1. Hi Anthony, I think it is a miracle you learned CW so fast. I started about a month ago and still came not further then 2 letters. K and M and even that is difficult. Some say it will take a year to learn. But I think you are a natural talent.
    73, Bas PE4BAS

  2. Thanks Bas! I was looking forward to working you on CW!! Looks like it might take a bit of time though. I am very slow at the moment, but making progress. 73 de EI8GHB.


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