Saturday, January 2, 2010

A nice bit of Stateside action on 20m and 17m

There were good openings today on 17m and 20m. I worked five Stateside stations in all, with one or two fairly blasting in. My best contact of the day was K0DK - Dick in Bolder, Colorado, whose photo is shown here. I was lucky to get him, having failed on previous days. He called an Echo India station and I called in at the same time so he heard the two of us.

Here are the stations that I worked today:

WX3B James in Maryland on 20m
K8CW Alan in Ohio on 17m
K0LYW Jeff in New Hampshire on 17m
K0DK Dick in Boulder Colorado on 20m
WA2VUY Angel in New Jersey on 20m

The last one, WA2VUY, was the most difficult contact of the day. He got weaker by the second and it took five or six attempts for me to pick up his callsign. Thanks for the patience Angel.

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