Friday, January 29, 2010

PY0F makes it a rare country - on a rare band!

I had the pleasure of working Thos EI2JD's station on Wednesday night. I put in an hour for the special event station EI7DAR for SOS Radio Week. After I wrapped up on 160m SSB he asked if I wanted to try a bit of CW. I have only used a straight key so far so I was a bit daunted by the paddle, but gave it a try anyhow. We heard PY2XB/PY0F on 1.811 and wondered if there was any chance he'd hear us. It didn't take long to find out.

I tapped out my callsign - having first slowed the morse transmission down a bit from Thos's 35wpm+ - and he came back to me straight away. 559 both ways and suddenly I had worked Fernando de Noronha, an island in the Atlantic off Brazil. Of course I am not QRV on 160m at home so this was my first CW contact on 160. Nice to get a new country in the bag.

PY2XB (Fred) is well used to working far-flung locations and Fernando de Noronha is no different. See Fred's details on his QRZ page.

I've had a few interesting bits and pieces in the log since I last blogged. One of the most interesting was 7X2/UA6GO/MM. He had quite a pile-up so it took a while. He was a Ukranian on a ship in Algiers! I worked him on 40 metres.

Also worked on CW this week were San Marino, Turkey and tonight I worked Bermuda on 20 metres just as the band was closing. He was OH1VR/VP9. Thanks!

Current stats:
CW: 37 countries worked
Phone: 78 countries worked
US States worked: 26 out of 50
AG eQSL: 36 countries confirmed
Total QSOs logged: 823


  1. Ha Ha Fine job! Nice one! Hope all went well over the weekend, i was unable to travel, but it looked like there was plenty of help, and the coverage was good via the web and via mog. Well done Anthony, and pass on my con-grats to all at EI7DAR Station.

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  3. Fred Py2XB was in Ireland a couple of years ago and called over for a visit. He's a very skilled operator and it was a real pleasure to meet him. well done on working him on 160m in cw
    73's and good DX.
    Brendan, EI6IZ

  4. Thanks Brendan, it was a pleasure, especially as I don't have access to 160m here at home. Glad to hear you met Fred. He was certainly working all the CW contacts at speed!! 73


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