Sunday, October 16, 2011

The long-running saga continues: T32C worked on 10m again

I worked T32C for the fourth time on 10m CW tonight. So far they have busted my call three times. They have me in the log as EI3KC, EI2KM and EI2CC. I must admit that the QSB and polar flutter on their signal can be something serious. So it is not surprising, and I won't blame it on bad operators, that my call might not have been perfectly clear. Indeed I was not certain at any stage that I heard EI2KC coming back. On the third QSO I heard EI2 ending with C and it turns out they had EI2CC. So tonight I am hoping to finally get that slot in the log properly.

The first three QSOs were at 7.01pm local, 7.23pm local and on the second day 6.31pm local. Tonight was much later, at 7.57pm. They had been very weak, only coming up occasionally out of the noise, but all of a sudden I could hear "T32C UP". So I gave it a blast and got them pretty much first call. But when they gave me the "5NN" and turned it back to me I was careful to slow down my CW and send back "EI2KC, KC, KC, EI2KC 5NN". I am pretty sure they gave me "EI2KC TU" back but I couldn't be 100% sure, so this saga could continue to run for a while yet !!

UPDATE: I am in the log, finally, for 10m CW!!!


  1. Good evening Anthony, I will say it can't be said that you have not tried!!! I hope when you do check you will your call in their log...good luck.

  2. Hello Anthony, I think in the end you'll get this contact. You put so much effort in it. I think you did a great job anyway. Tried to listened for them yesterday on 12m. Despite that they were copied very strong in OZ and G I could only hear a faint wispher. Tried other bands but did not hear them at all. Hope to make at least one QSO to them this week. 73, Bas

  3. I am finally in the log for 10m CW, after four attempts!! They updated the log pretty quickly and I was thrilled to see my call in that slot.

    Bas, I think that with conditions as good as they have been that you should have a chance to work them on maybe 17m or 12m? Do you do any CW?


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