Monday, October 24, 2011

Video: Shack tour, IRTS QSL bureau, propagation


  1. hi do you ever listen in the 30 mhz - 47 mhz for pmr ( private mobile radio ) when f2 has been running .. weird langs from the east comes in the morning and usa and s america from noon and its a very good propagation indicator ... check out my blog or youtube page to see what i have been getting here in ayrshire scotland .. vhf b1 tv dx is my main hobby so by looking at those signals i can track the muf ... 73 david

  2. Hi Anthony, this was a great video show. Anyone told you, you look good on TV? Very nice and clear description about the use of QSL and the bureau. Basically here in the Netherlands it's the same. What do you use the scope for (right side of the video). You got some nice radios, I call those sophisticated compared to my simple Icom-706.
    Still got your card from your previous call EI8GHB, I think we need to make a sked again this winter. Would like to have your other card as well and know now I can send it via the bureau :-). 73, Bas

  3. Sorry Bas, only seeing your comment now. I don't use the oscilloscope - it's just there for decoration!!! It looks good HI HI!!

    Anyway I'd love to have a sked, probably on 80m or 40m, and I would be very happy to let you have my QSL card.

    But I will send it direct, so you will get it quickly!!


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