Monday, October 3, 2011

Two band new DXCC in the log!

Yesterday proved to be a successful day of hunting on the bands. I worked 3D2R on Sunday morning on 17m CW having spent about half an hour trying. 3D2R is a dxpedition to Rotuma Island in the south Pacific.

This was followed yesterday evening by T32C, Christmas Island, also in the Pacific, and also on 17m CW. They were calling EU and were very, very light, but I managed to get through after just a short time. I was beaming north with my MA5B.


  1. Hi Tony look for them (T32C) in the evening time! They have good ears for EI and G stations! Last night "easy" worked on 10mSSB and 12mCW. Their location is good for us. We don`t have to beam over north pole :) Good Luck!

  2. You are doing extremely well Ark. I tried them on 12 SSB yesterday evening but to no avail. Lots calling but they weren't hearing many. So maybe conditions weren't as good. But I will keep trying!!!


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