Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Now they've busted my call on 40m !!!!!

I worked T32C on 40m CW this morning. They were very weak, just on the very edge of audibility, on 7.001.5 and I worked them up 1 but of course I couldn't be sure I heard my complete call coming back. This evening I find that EI2KC is NOT in the log but EI2CC is for 40m CW. Oh no, is this going to be another long-running saga?

I might have to get up early again tomorrow and try to work them a second time . . .


  1. I must say Anthony the dedication is there for sure.

  2. DOn`t worry Tony. Keep all your QSO details and after DX Pedition is finished ask them to fix it! I hope it will be no problem. I just have similar situation like you but know wieh TX7M - they logged me on 30m as EI9OC ... If I can I will try to fix it before the end of DX Pedition. In my opinion is better to be logged with one small mistake than not in the log like 4W6A when they lost my (and 100s) QSO on 14Mhz CW ... Good Luck!

  3. Ark, very true. It's better to be in the log with a busted call than not in the log at all!!


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