Monday, January 2, 2012

100th DXCC worked on 80 metres

The first day of 2012 brought success on 80 metres, which is a challenging band for me. I nabbed HH2/HB9AMO in Haiti at around 1am, just an hour into the new year. That was DXCC number 99 worked on 80m. Tonight I worked V5/DK1CE in Namibia as DXCC number 100! I only started on 80 this winter on December 4th. At that stage I had just 87 DXCC worked so I have added another 13 in less than a month.

Also I had my 100th confirmed DXCC on 17 metres today by LoTW so that makes four bands on which I have qualified to submit for a DXCC award. A good start to 2012 . . .


  1. Great work Anthony, staying up until 1am is very impressive. I could hardly make it to mid night to welcome in the new year.

  2. Hello Tony, congrats. You put a lot of effort in DX, the results speak for themself. I often take a look at your worked DX in the sidebar to see what you've worked new. I guess it will only get harder to get new ones! Good DX. 73, Bas

  3. Wont be long now Anthony until you are sending away for a DXCC award for your shack, staying up late does the trick on 80m, pity us local Hams have to endure your yawning during the day!!!

  4. Well done Anthony you and EI9KC are doing great work on 80m, my totals below 20m are very poor that is one of my aims for 2012 is to improve my scores on 160-30,

    Best wishes to you and family for 2012


  5. Thanks folks for all the kind words. It is hard work too, there's no doubt. 80m is an all-night band if you want the DX. I am enjoying it all though. Really great fun. Bed early tonight though. I am back to work tomorrow after 10 days off. :(

  6. Early to bed and early to rise makes a DX'er wealthier and wise!!!

  7. Congratulations Tony. I did the same few days ago. I was happy to work ZL on 80m with real 599 sign! It was amazing to see how Grey Line can do a magic on low bands. I have just dipole for that band and I wish to operate on some big antenna on 80m in the future. It must be a thing! A friend of mine has almost all DXCC worked on 80m. The only missing one is North Korea. But his antenna farm is the size of my town ;)
    Thanks for contacts during IRTS 80m contest. It was good fun as well. 24 counties worked from my side.
    Vy 73! All the best for New Year for you and your family and for all radio friends.
    Ark EI9KC

  8. Ark, your performance with the DX continues to impress me enormously. It's incredible what you've done with humble antennas. I worked ZL with the Butternut and a 40-ft listening wire. He was only 449 with me and I was 449 with him but we made it through, both on the grey line! I also harbour a dream to operate a big antenna on 80 metres, perhaps a four square or some sort of CV array. But one needs lots of property for that. Keep doing the lottery!!

    In the meantime, keep up the great work on the bands . . .

    Happy New Year.

  9. Wow! I installed and 80 vertical inverted delta loop, and now expect to get my DXCC100 on 80m sooner or later...yes, max 100w als here, let's see how this works out.


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