Thursday, January 12, 2012

Some of the latest arrivals in EI2KC's mailbox

These are just some of the latest QSL cards received via direct mail recently here at the shack. I'm not sure which I am more proud of, the one from Lord Howe Island or the one from Vanuatu. I would probably pick Lord Howe because the operator, Merv N6NO, attached a note saying that out of 882 QSOs with Europe, he only had two EIs in the log, and I was one of them! So that is very nice. I worked him on 30 metres with 100 watts.

YJ0VK has only 13 EI calls in his log. I worked Vanuatu on 20 metres CW with my beam and 100 watts on October 8th last. It was a tough contact but I was delighted with the new country, and to get it confirmed.

The card on the left is from VK6JX, John, in Western Australia, for a QSO we made on 30m in November. Thanks for the lovely contact John!

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