Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One of the best things about ham radio is that it brings friends together

This photo was taken over the Christmas period by Barry M0DGQ who was visiting relatives in the Drogheda area. Tony EI4DIB decided to take Barry on a tour of various shacks and to meet some of the local hams, myself included. This particular photo was taken by Barry (I will upload one with him in it when I get it!).

I would like to tell you something about this photo. It is a picture of a group of ham friends. Jim EI2HJB is the treasurer of Dundalk Amateur Radio Society and is an all-round great guy. He helps out any ham with any problem. He has been involved in a number of antenna repairs and installations at my QTH, and almost every day of the week he is visiting other hams helping them out. Oleg EI7KD (formerly EI2JK) is a CW only op, and loves contesting. Keep an eye out for some big news about Oleg coming soon! Currently he operates from a city centre apartment complex and is a genius with antennas and electronics. He modifies and builds his own radio equipment and antennas. To the right of me is Pat EI2HX, an avid fan of ATV on the microwave bands. Pat is not too active on HF but can be found most days on 2 metres chatting with us locals, and is one of the most sociable hams you could meet. He has also got me out of trouble a few times by helping out with antenna erections and repairs, and a few PL259s! He is fond of a cup of tea or seven! Tony EI4DIB needs no introduction. He won an award in 2010 from the IRTS for services to amateur radio, and well deserved in my opinion. He has been helping hams for years to get up and running on the bands and this seems to be one of his major driving forces. He derives great pleasure from helping others to get on the bands. I have been on the receiving end of this good will since I started studying for my licence. Thos EI2JD is a major DXer and contester, and runs a big station in Clogherhead, a small fishing village near Drogheda. He is one of only three EI ops to hold 10 band DXCC and runs the contest team EI0W. His love of the hobby is indefatigable and he has boundless enthusiasm, always dispensing advice and help where he can. He has given me lots of advice and support and is always willing to help a friend in need.

So as you can see, amateur radio is a wonderful hobby, and hams are some of the warmest and most helpful people you can meet. It is a great hobby. We are very lucky to be part of it.

Happy New Year to all my ham friends, those I have met, and those I have yet to meet!

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