Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Great going with HK0NA - all SSB/CW slots filled

It hasn't taken too long, but there were some tough pile-ups. This evening, about five minutes ago, I have worked HK0NA, the Malpelo Dxpedition, on 20m SSB, thus filling all the SSB and CW slots from 80 metres through 10 metres. Needless to say I am chuffed with this. All I was lacking as of today was 15m CW, which I worked at almost 6pm this evening, and 20m SSB. I had already worked HK0NA on 20m phone but they must have busted my callsign because it is not in the log for that slot.

And this evening was not easy. My MA5B is resonant on 20m CW, about 14.050, but NOT resonant on 14.292, where he was listening. So I improvised! I switched over to my trusty HF6V Butternut vertical, which I was able to tune with the Acom 1000 to give 400 watts and shouted on that while switching back to the MA5B minibeam to listen to him on 14.159. It took quite a few calls. He came back with "Echo India Two again" and then "Echo India Two Kilo Charlie Xray Five Nine QSL" but the Xray had been picked up obviously from "Echo" as I gave my call twice each time. Eventually he gave "Echo India Two Kilo Charlie Five Nine" and I was thrilled to give him a big 59 and thanks.

Now all I have to do is work them on RTTY slots HI HI !!

By the way, I worked VP6T Pitcairn Island on 40m CW this morning for a second slot and already they have confirmed my 80m CW slot on LoTW. Thanks a million guys!


  1. Great contacts and nice way to work the amp and vertical then back to the beam. Like operating split with the antennas as well.

  2. Nice work around Tony. Congrats with your succes on working HK0NA. I wish I could but every time I'm able to be on the radio HK0NA is not workable. But we still have some time, hopefully I can hear them Sunday afternoon. 73, Bas

  3. Bas, you should get a chance. The pile-ups are starting to thin out and they're there until Feb 10th so keep listening!!


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