Monday, January 30, 2012

The early bird catches the worm

Sometimes I have to do some extra work from home. Early on a Monday morning I often find myself at the shack desk around 7.30am. This morning was no exception. It can be a great time to be on the bands too. This morning I worked HU2DX, a new dxpedition to El Salvador, on 80m CW followed by 40m CW, a  new country on both of those bands. This was followed by two further QSOs with HK0NA, Malpelo Island, on 80m SSB and 40m SSB for two new slots, bringing my total to 14 band slots so far.

But by far the greatest highlight of the morning was VP6T, Pitcairn Island, on 80m CW. This is a brand new country for me, never worked before, and to get it on 80m was a real pleasure. For a short time he was 579 and it only took me a couple of calls to get into the log. That was around 8.30am, with EI just coming out of the grey line. VP6T's signal faded fairly quickly after that such that I would not have been able to work them 10 minutes after I did. Great job. To make it even better, I am in their online log, so the QSO is solid. Thanks guys.


  1. Well done on the VP6 Anthony I heard him work you but by the time I got tuned up he was gone, he came back on SSB at 9am but was way to weak to work.

    I have had 2 80m SSB qso's with HK0NA and neither of them have been logged correctly, let's hope for third time lucky when I get home from work in a few hours.

    Great job on all the band fills with HK0 I have some catching up to do,

  2. Well I was concentrating on HK0NA to the detriment of VP6T but the piles were just too big. I nabbed VP6T again this morning on 40m CW so I am chuffed with that. HK0NA is there for a good while longer Trevor so I've no doubt you will fill out the slots fairly handily. I need to work them on RTTY now - that's the next challenge! And, perhaps, another slot or two with Pitcairn. Good hunting!!


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