Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Two more countries on 20m - Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia!

Just worked another new country on 20 metres - Kazakhstan! I got a 57 report from UN7MMM and he was a very healthy 59 with me. His name is Valery and he is located, I think he said, near Oral? I will QSL with him via EA7FTR. It only took me three attempts to get through and the pile-up is building. I worked him on 100 watts with my Antron 99 on 14.215 USB.

Thanks Valery and Happy Christmas.

This was followed by another new one - Saudi Arabia. I worked 7Z1TT Hamdi in Jeddah on 14.270 USB. He was calling CQ and nobody was answering so I was very lucky. He had trouble hearing me. It took five attempts for him to get the full callsign, but I was delighted. Thank you Hamdi. 73.

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