Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wow - Argentina booming in on 20m at 23:41 !

It's 23:41 and LU7MAL is booming in on 14.195 USB. He's working a GI station (Ivan) in Belfast and he's hammering in here 57 to 59. Amazing stuff at this hour to hear Argentina so loud on 20m. He's running 1kw into a monoband yagi beam I believe he said. Unfortunately, this was the GI station's frequency, and the LU station said the contact had been the highlight of his day and that he was going QRT so I did not get the chance to work him.

23:56 I'm now hearing what sounds to be an American accent on 14.181 USB.

UPDATE: Wednesday 08:50am: I was hearing JT1CO in Mongolia this morning on 20m. I have to admit I was hearing him slightly better on my half-size G5RV than on the Butternut HF vertical. The vertical was being lashed around by a very strong wind it has to be said. I tried calling him for about ten minutes but there were other, bigger, more powerful European stations calling him and getting through. He went QRT abruptly and thus ended my chance to work Mongolia. Ah well, you know me, I will try again!!

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