Sunday, December 27, 2009

Three more new countries today - Israel, Tunisia and Gabon

Another good day of action on HF. Considering my modest station, I'm making some good contacts. Of course, it helps that it's Christmas time and I am not working and have a bit of time to work the radio. My favourite band is 20 metres and I'm taking a significant liking to 17 metres.

At 11.21am I worked 3V8SS, a club callsign in Tunisia on 17m. Then at nearly 1pm I worked my first Israel contact on 20m. 4Z4DX Dov gave me 5 and 9 and he was 59 also. The contact that excited me most today was at 15:50 on 20 metres. I had seen TR8CA spotted on the cluster and heard him faintly but he gradually seemed to be coming up. He worked a Spanish station and must have beamed in that direction because he said "any other Echo Alpha?" and I called in "Echo India?" and he called me in. He gave me 5 and 5 and I gave him 59. A lovely contact into Gabon, which is on the west of Africa beneath Cameroon.

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