Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's 8pm and 20m is still open!

It's just 8pm on the button and 20 metres is still open. I am listening to a SV9 station from Crete booming in on 14.254 USB. 10 metres was open until about 7pm, with earlier openings into South America, although I was home too late to work them. I did however work Spain, Portugal and France on 10m. It was the first opening on 10m that I have worked in ages.

The Crete station is SV9CVY and he's working stateside. He is 57 on my vertical and the same on my half-size G5RV. It's nice to hear any action at all on 20m at night, especially so deep into the winter. Let's hope there are more great openings in the coming days and weeks.

20:48: Update. He's still there on 14.254, still booming in at 5 and 9, working Stateside.

20:53: Worked him!! He called "QRZ anyone anywhere" and I shouted in. Said I was only 20 over!!! Thanks Mike.

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