Friday, December 4, 2009

Worked Faroe Islands for the first time

Just worked OY1OF on 40m. Olavur came back to my call first time and gave me 59. He was 57 with some QSB. I had been listening a half an hour ago and he was very low but he has come up since so I was delighted to work him. Olavur is based in Torshavn. Thanks for the QSO Olavur - and I will exchange QSL no problem. 73.

There's an Antarctica station on 40m also right now, but of course I can't hear him. OR4TN is QRV on 7.078.10 LSB and there's a lot of interest in him with a bit of a pile-up developing. Anyhow I will keep my ears open in case he comes up in EI.


  1. Thanks for the QSO.


  2. Thank you indeed. OY is a new one for me. Mind you, I am only licenced a month!!! Thanks again. 73.


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