Saturday, December 26, 2009

Some nice Stephen's Day action - Brazil, Lebanon, Argentina, Malta

I worked Brazil for the first time this morning. There was an Italian station (IV3GKE - Roberto) working from Rio de Janeiro on 17 metres (18.140) and I got him first time. He was surprisingly strong. I gave him 55 and got 57 in return. I worked him with 100 watts on the vertical. Conditions must have been just right at the time. I was delighted.

Then an hour or so later I worked Lebanon for the first time. OD5NH was booming in at 59 and he picked me up first time so I was thrilled. His name is Puzant and he lives in Beirut. He would be very familiar on the bands - I have seen him spotted many times but he was not usually so loud from here! This is his photo. He went QRT immediately after working me so I was very lucky. Thanks again Puzant!

At 14:10 I worked Argentina for the very first time - on 15 metres. LU1YY was spotted on the cluster a couple of times and I was surprised to hear him when I tuned up. I gave a call through a bit of a pile-up and he called "station with Hotel" so I came back "Echo India 8 Golf Hotel Bravo". He initially thought I was just Italy 8 Golf Hotel Bravo, but eventually picked up the echo. Nice to work Argentina for the first time. It was a club station, operator name Hellmut. 7,350 miles from my QTH, so very nice indeed, especially with just 100 watts through an Antron 99 !

At 14:21 I worked Malta for the first time. I heard 9H1ET calling CQ on 18.130 so I shouted back and he gave me 56! Thanks John for being my first contact into Malta.

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  1. Hi Anthony you're doing a fine job working all these nice DXCC. Have a nice weekend 73, Bas


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