Wednesday, March 17, 2010

10 metres open - good DX contacts made

18:39: 10 metres has been open since before 17:00. I have made contacts into South Africa, Brazil and Nigeria and am now hearing EC8ADS on 28.468 at 59. I heard a number of ZS (South Africa) stations for about half an hour around 17:30. Also I heard Bob VP8LP but he couldn't hear me, although he was working UK stations.

18:43: I just worked EC8ADS Alfred, 59 each way. He's very strong from the Canary Islands. Beautiful signal. I worked him on 50 watts only.

It was a good day. My very first contact of Saint Patrick's Day was a St. Patrick's Day special event callsign on 80m CW. He was GB0SP at 2 minutes past midnight.

A new one for me today was E21EJC in Thailand on 17m CW. I worked IH9YMC on Pantelleria island off Italy on 15m USB, and SV8CYV on Samos on 12m SSB. I snatched 5N7M on 15m CW and then caught him on 10m CW later on!! I also nabbed 5N50K on 12m CW. Another new one was XU7AAA - Cambodia. Great stuff. I got him on 20m CW in a pile-up. Another new one was VP5 - Turks & Caicos Islands when I worked VP5/W5SL on 12m CW.

18:54: I was about to report that 10m and 12m are both closed but right now I'm hearing a station on 28.530 USB. Wow - he is PY5QW in Brazil. Nice.

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