Wednesday, March 10, 2010

My QSL cards for EI8GHB arrived today

Even though my old callsign, EI8GHB, became redundant last Friday afternoon, I have only just taken delivery of 1,000 QSL cards for that callsign, which I will begin to start sending via the bureau over the next couple of weeks. I'm happy enough with the end product. I like the fact that I took the photos for the card myself and did all the design work here in the shack. It looks good. On right is a photo of approximately 100 of the new cards spread out on the floor. I look forward to sending them and I hope that, if you've worked me, you look forward to receiving them.

On the subject of QSL cards, I received my very first QSL cards through the bureau the other day from EI2HX. I got cards from EA5XY, LZ1ZF and OM1AWA, so thank you all, and I will reciprocate.

The busy job of filling out QSL cards for 1,000 contacts on EI8GHB begins, just as I begin to contemplate what photo to use on my new QSL card for EI2KC. Dilemmas dilemmas!!

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