Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A bit of a lift on 2 metres, but not on 6 . . .

This morning there was a bit of a lift on 2 metres. I was monitoring 145.400 FM at around 8.30am when a Scottish accent broke through the squelch. I'm not sure who it was, because I didn't get a callsign, but he came up and down in QSB to about a 5 by 5, which wasn't bad. He was talking, among other things, about cod liver oil tablets and he also said he had to go to Woolworths to buy a bag. These are the things that you pick up sometimes on radio . . .

Given that 2m seemed to be in good nick - I was also hearing a very faint repeater on 145.675, on the same frequency as the Dundalk Repeater EI2CCR - I decided to scan 6 metres on the off chance that it was open.

But alas, nothing. I thought I heard a very faint beacon on 50.051, but I couldn't be sure. I CQd on 50.090 CW for about five minutes but nothing came back. Then, unfortunately, I had to leave the radio shack to go to work . . .

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  1. You will hear plenty on 2m both FM and SSB over the next few months, FYI: Listen on the top part of 2m 145.8 to 145.990 on USB for the Satelittes.
    They can be very interesting!

    PS: I am working VERY hard at the minute...catch you later.


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