Sunday, March 7, 2010

A lovely email from the son of former IRTS President EI9F

The following email was received a few days ago and is reproduced here with the permission of its author. If anyone would like to share some memories of Bill EI9F, don't hesitate to drop us a line at hamradioireland AT gmail DOT com. Thanks.

Hello Anthony,

Watching your video clip brought me back 50 years or so, when I used to share a small room at home with my late father's radio ham "shack" along with all his "homebrew" radio equipment. While I slept on one side of a thin partition, he CQ'd the world on the other side looking for contacts, and the sound of his keying and atmospherics was a constant and re-assuring accompaniment to my slumbers. His "handle" was EI9F (work out the date of that one!) and when I last looked at the IRTS website he was still listed as an Honorary Life president of the society, or somesuch. He was proud of his keying ability, and taught me the skills involved at a very early age. Unfortunately I hadn't the interest to persevere, but many of those he taught at IRTS clubrooms (Leeson St ??) in the 50s and 60s went on to develop their interest in the hobby. He also composed and read a weekly news bulletin on air each Sunday morning in the late 60s and 70s.

I don't imagine that there's anybody left nowadays who might remember him, considering he would have reached his 100th birthday last year, but if there is, please pass on my regards. A "young" lad of that era was Jim Bartlett, who may still be around.

Peter McIlwaine (named after EI8G his best pal, Pete Daly)

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