Friday, March 19, 2010

Three new countries today - Mongolia, Chagos Islands and Namibia

Well that was one heck of a day!! I was trying JT1CO on 20m CW this morning from the home shack but after 15 minutes, nothing. So I went mobile with my new Watson Multi-Ranger 9, and, lo and behold, I got him a quarter of a mile from the house! Nice. A new one. The photo above shows the bottom of the antenna mounted to the roof of the car with a triple magmount.

I worked Stateside on 15m with the mobile antenna at lunchtime and picked up plenty of European action too. I also worked into Israel.

Later from the home QTH I worked VQ9LA in Chagos Islands in the Indian Ocean. A really nice one for the log. He was CQing on 15m CW and working 1KC up. Then to top it all off I nabbed V51AS, Frank in Namibia, on 17m CW. All in all a good day.

One of my favourite DX countries is Argentina. There are parts of Argentina which are 7,500 miles from Ireland so it's always nice to work. I got LU no fewer than three times today, once at just after midnight this morning on 40m SSB, then this evening on 10 metres SSB, 55 each way, and finally on 12m CW. Great.

I also worked EI4KC, my friend Brian (formerly EI7GVB) who passed his CW test the same day as me. We worked on 30m CW. Thanks Brian.

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