Thursday, March 25, 2010

Some nice lunchtime DX contacts mobile

I worked mobile HF at lunchtime on the hills overlooking Dundalk. I was pleased to work J38CW in Grenada. Colin is one half of a husband and wife team who are in Grenada for two weeks. The other half, Sharon, is J38SW. I got Colin on 15m CW.

I worked 8P5A, Tom in Barbados, on 15m USB, another nice one. I think I only have one contact into Barbados before today so that was good to get.

I then heard LU1ALF, Al in Buenos Aires, CQing on 21.235. It was his first shout and I gave out my call EI2KC/M twice and he picked me up straight away!! I might be wrong, but I think that it might have been my longest-distance contact from my mobile station so far, at 6,850+ miles.

I heard YB1FWO CQing on 21.235 USB. He was working a pile-up mostly from Europe but with some North America and Canada in there too. I kept calling Echo India Two Kilo Charlie Mobile but he didn't hear me unfortunately. He was coming up and down in QSB from 5/5 to 5/9.

73 for now.


  1. hi anthony some nice dinner time contacts there.
    i emailed you the other nite,are you fell out with me?,mick.

  2. Mick, I did indeed see your email and have answered it. Really hope you can do it with the test this time!


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