Saturday, February 1, 2014

Endless pile-ups for Amsterdam Island

For the past three mornings the pile-ups for FT5ZM Amsterdam Island on 10 metres CW and 12 metres CW have been immense. Even as I write this, the pile-up on 12 CW is almost 20 Khz wide. He is calling on 24.894 and at one stage was listening on 24.911 and above. I still haven't broken the pile with my paltry hexbeam, but I reckon the pile-ups will thin out before too long. Well done to all the EI stations who are in the log. Right now there are 33 Irish callsigns in there. Hopefully I will bag a few more QSOs before too long.

Here is a video showing some of the action on 12cw. As you can hear, he is only making a QSO a minute - the pile-up must be huge on his side:

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