Monday, February 10, 2014

VHF beams taken down . . . Antron 99 back in the air!

My Antron 99 back in the air, and the 4 metre dipole.
Rooftop selfie . . .
Today the precariously positioned VHF beams were finally taken down. Tony EI4DIB helped me to remove them from the broken stub. We decided there and then that they would not be going back up today. The rotator appears to be shot and the stub pole had broken in the storms. The XY 2m beam has not had much use, while the 3-element 6 metre beam is only used during the summer E season. I decided to put back up my Antron 99, which I find to be a fantastic antenna on the high bands, most particularly 12 metres and 10 metres. In the meantime, I can think of a plan for the VHF beams. The only VHF antenna that we did put back up was my 4 metre dipole, which you can see offset from the pole supporting the Antron in the photo.

Below you can see a video of a contact I made with J38XX in Grenada. I was using 100 watts from the Icom 746 (a lovely radio) into the Antron on 28 Mhz CW. I later worked a number of North American stations on SSB and had a bit of fun.

Just this morning (Monday 10th Feb), I worked HS0ZBS on 10m CW with the Antron. Fine business!

Amsterdam Island FT5ZM update: I now have a total of ten band slots with Amsterdam. I was delighted to get them on 40m CW last night at 00:40. I also got 17 cw today, so now have them worked on all bands from 40 through 10. Is it too much to wonder about a QSO on 80 metres at this late stage?

I finished my latest HF Happenings column today and have sent it off to the editor of Echo Ireland magazine. 


  1. The state of them 2 lads!!!!! Two dodgy characters.....................

  2. Some of the CB guys knock the A99 but I find mine works very well on 10 and 12m and surprisingly well on 15metres too! Below that its not much use but three useable bands isn't bad.



    1. Kevin, my experience with the Antron 99 is extremely good. I worked my first KH2 QSO on it with 50 watts, getting through a big EU pile. I remember being shocked and delighted at the time. I've never run more than 100 watts through it. I find it a great performer on the high bands.

  3. Hi Anthony, as you probabely know I use the A99 as well but on all bands. Ok, I rebuilt the thing a little ;-). 73, Bas

    1. It would need some modification alright for 20 metres. But I find mine has some resonance on 17 metres !!! Interesting. A great antenna though.


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