Thursday, February 13, 2014

I've joined the Straight Key Century Club

Now that I am the proud owner of an SK-CC straight key - a limited edition gold-plated key (see previous posts) - it seems like a good idea to become a member of the Straight Key Century Club. I'm hoping to do more straight keying. It's something I enjoy. I'm not proficient at it, but with enough practice I will be. I am proud to carry on a tradition that began with telegraphy in the early days of radio. The SK-CC key was made by LTA in the Balearic Islands, and is a very nice reproduction of a Marconi key, similar to the one used on the Titanic. My key was number 75 of a limited edition. They are no longer manufactured. I hope to catch you on the bands soon for a straight key QSO. And forgive my mistakes - I'm still learning!!

My Straight Key Century Club membership number is 11904. You might be interested to know that it costs nothing to become a member. Learn more at the SKCC website.

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